Keynotes & Workshops

Here are some of the keynotes that I am doing lately.  Let me know how I can customize something for you.

Beginner in You

Beginners and amateurs bring a bit of passion to every project, but it doesn't come without fear, apprehension, and questions.  Discover how to bring out the beginner in you with projects, lessons, or adventures.  Jim walks us through the fun of embracing the beginner mindset and offers some advice on how to take the first step to trying something new.

Lessons in High Definition

With all the fantastic stories being told in theaters, on TV, and online, it is tough to compete for kid’s attention in the classroom. Jim will walk us through understanding how to see through the bells and whistles of the entertainment industry and start making time for creating better classroom lessons. Movies have been changing the way they tell stories for almost 120 years. Uncover the lessons that we can learn from today’s technologies so we can begin telling the story of our classrooms in passionate and engaging new ways.

Reckless Creativity

What world do students live in today? Jim will walk us through the reckless and creative world we live in today. Join him in realizing the importance of taking time to explore and repurpose the tools that kids are using right now.

See Jim in action: