Lesson Examples

My favorite Lesson
I wrote this lesson at the request of my friend, Rushton Hurley of NextVista.org.  I was looking for a way to refresh a poetry project that I had done in years past.  He was looking for a way to connect video to the 200th anniversary of the Sonnet.  We donated our work to his site.

Here are a couple of examples from the project:

Other Classroom Examples
Here are a few of lessons that I. developed to introduce basic film concepts to video students.

The Quickfire
One of my favorite one block period projects.  Students have to quickly concept, develop, produce & turn in a video within one period.  They really work to solidify concepts from a lesson, build collaboration skills, and develop time management skills.

Finding Your Inner Spielberg
Below please find the four part series of videos from my presentation at the first-ever Youtube Teacher Academy.